King Coconut Oil - Organic and Extra Virgin

King Coconut Oil - Organic and Extra Virgin

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What is King coconut? It is bright  orange color coconut(Nufecea) only native to the island of Sri lanka. mainly grown to drink water and it takes a lot to make this rare oil as you need about 4-5 nuts to get this 150ml jar. Which makes the most expensive coconut oil in the market. But the benefits are priceless.

What is the difference from the regular Coconut oil? if you touch this oil will feels like silk and it has super absorbency  on hair and skin. It was a home made remedy for 100 s of years for the thicker longer hair.

Directions of use: If you are trying to make your hair grow and fuller, gently massage into you hair, leave it over night and rinse it in the morning.(some of our clients leave it loneger as this oil does not feel greasy

2 times a week or use as many time you need it.

*As a frizz reducer hair: Get a small amount in your palm and rub it together to get the serum effect and apply directly to the hair. 

* As a king moisturizer: Best for eye bags, fade away spots, rosacea, can be use for whole body. add few drops to your bath.

Edible? yes! Since this oil is more costly than the regular oil and it has its special impact on hair and skin I would rather buy regular  coconut oil to eat or cooking and would use this oil only for hair and skin.